Water District News


To all water customers with sprinkler systems:

It is the time of Year for the Backflow Prevention Assembly Test Report to be turned in.

The due date this year will be Thursday, June 1st, 2023. For those who are new to our community, the test is required annually. This is a requirement of the Department of Natural Resources for us to collect a report from everyone who has a sprinkler system. The test is to be sure your backflow is operating properly.

Please make sure you have contacted a certified inspector to have this done, and be sure to follow through to see that PWSD #1 actually received that test form before the due date. If the district does not have the proper documentation by the proper date, the district will perform a sprinkler system backflow check and certification and bill the customer account. The district has

contracted with Quality Irrigation to perform this at the cost of $40.00.

This is a very serious matter for our water system and your safety as a customer in our water district. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter. Please call our office to answer any questions you may have 417-881-1762.

Thank you,

PWSD #1 of Greene County Missouri