Rates and Deposits

Rate and Deposit information ~

The current Water Rate Schedule is:

  • 2000 gallons is considered the minimum usage.  You will pay $18.50 (not including primacy fee or sale tax) for usage up to 2000 gallons.  You are then charged $4.00 for each one thousand gallons of water used thereafter.
  • Meters are read electronically and have a service charge of $4.00 each month added to the bill, which is included in the total charge due.  Our goal is to have the entire Water District read electronically in the next few years; this change will help us to better serve our customers.  Total minimum water bill Inside the City of Battlefield: Water $18.50 Primacy Fee $.44 Service Chg. $5.00 Sales Tax $.35 = $2429 Outside the City of Battlefield: Water $18.50 Primacy Fee $.44 Service Chg. $5.00 Sales Tax $.16 = $24.10

If a customer requests their meter be checked for a leak and/or high usage, we will send out an employee to investigate the problem.  If there is a situation where we have made an error in a reading, or the customer does indeed have a leak there is no charge for this service.  Once an employee has been sent to a residence by customer request and there is not a problem, a service fee of $75.00 is added to the next billing cycle.

New Service and Meter Deposits

All new customers must sign a customer application and are required to pay a deposit.  This deposit varies depending on whether the customer is a resident or a builder/contractor.

  •  Resident deposit – $200.00
  • Builder/Contractor deposit – $200.00

Deposits are applied to the final bill for service when you move from the District.  Any remaining balance of the water deposit is refunded by mail.

How Much Water Does it Use?
A chart estimating average water usage various households and businesses.  Learn how much water it takes to take a shower, flush a toilet or wash dishes.  Click here for the report >>>

Schedule of Fees

  • Resident Meter Deposit $200.00
  • Builder Meter Deposit $200.00
  • Reconnect / Disconnect Fee$ 30.00.
  • Water Charge $4.00 per 1000 gallons Min. charge up to 2000 gallons $ 18.50 Not including sale tax, service chg., & primacy fee.
  • NSF Charge $30
  • Misc. Service Call Out $75.00
  • Lot Inspection Fees $350.00
  • Resident Meter Set $1750.00 (For Price on Commercial Meter need to call office)