Policies, Notices and Disclaimers

Water Meter and Service Line Leaks

The policy of PWSD # 1 of Greene County is that the customer is responsible for his/her own water lines.  This consists of from the meter to the house.  The water district maintains and operates on the main lines of its system.  The amount of water that goes through the meter will be billed to the customer for water charges.

The customer can check for leaks in their own system.  There is a small triangle on the face of the meter.  This is called a Leak Indicator.  You need to make sure every faucet/water supply in the house is off (washing machine, faucets inside and outside, toilets, frost-free hydrants, etc.)  Then look on the face of the meter at the leak indicator.  You will have to watch this for at least 10 minutes.  If you see any movement in the leak indicator, or if the number changes on the register, you have a leak.  Ground water collects in some meter pits, depending on location.  This is not necessarily an indication you have a leak.

Fire Protection

The District makes no representation whatsoever of the adequacy of fire protection from its water supply system.  The water district supplies drinking water only.  Any customer acknowledges that no reliance shall be placed on the water system for fire protection.


The District will make all reasonable efforts to supply continuous service; however, it has the right to interrupt service for the purpose of making repairs, connections, extensions, or other necessary work.  Efforts will be made to notify water users of interruptions to service, but the District is not responsible for any loss due to interruption.

Charges of Meter Checks

If a customer requests their meter be checked for a leak and/or high usage we will send out an employee to investigate the problem.  If there is a situation where we have made an error in a reading or the customer does indeed have a leak there is no charge for this service.  Once an employee has been sent to a residence by customer request and there is not a problem, a service fee of $75.00 is added to the next billing cycle.

How Much Water Does it Use?

A chart estimating average water usage various households and businesses.  Learn how much water it takes to take a shower, flush a toilet or wash dishes. Click here for the report >>>